Why I’m starting this blog…

11 03 2009

I love this place –  I moved here in 2002 from Chicago – convinced that I wanted to move here after visiting about 20 times between 1985 – 2002.

Well, guess what?   I love San Francisco.  I love the food, I love the weather, I love the people, I love the racial diversity, I love the Sunset, I love the Richmond, I love Noe Valley, I love the Ocean, I love the Golden Gate Bridge, I love Fort Funston, I love…

… a lot of stuff … except that just so much ridiculousness (is that even a word?) that goes on around here!  Geez!  I would have been considered pretty left-leaning in Chicago, but after coming here, jeez, you might as well call me a right-wing commie-hating chest-thumping reactionary!  I’m sure there are plenty of people that share my view on our glorious city-by-the-bay … well … I’m here to get it off my chest!




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