SF is Getting a Lowe’s

2 04 2009


San Francisco is getting a new box-store – Yay!  Finally I’ll be able to go to a home improvement store without schlepping all the way over to Daly City’s Home Depot and giving Daly City all my sales-tax-dollars!


Incredibly, this Lowes is being built on the same site that Home Depot tried for nearly a decade to build on, only to be ultimately worn down and defeated by the Taliban-of-San-Francisco a.k.a. The anti-progress-league a.k.a. “neighborhood preservationists” a.k.a. The Coalition for the Homeless a.k.a. City “Stupivisor” Chris Daly.

I’m so glad they are finally building something worthwhile at this site.

And to all those godawful self-righteous hacks out there that complain Lowe’s isn’t green-enough or living-wage enough or sustainable-enough or that it will put locally-owned-mom-and-pops-out-of-business or whatever – look….. its a store which people buy things from and it will be in San Francisco.  And that means tax dollars and jobs.  Last time I checked, we’re in the biggest friggin’ recession since 1929!   So, go crawl under a rock and cry me a fookin’ river because I happen to like Lowe’s you worthless piece of mouseshit from Shane.

Then again, this guy is my hero :

What the fuck is wrong with San Francisco? What can’t anything beneficial for the city ever get done? It’s like the people of SF as well as the Board of Supervisors do everything in their power to make life as difficult and as shitty as possible. Why can’t San Francisco have a Home Depot or Loews built downtown South of Market? Seriously. New York has not one but TWO Home Depot stores IM MANHATTAN. One is on 23rd street in the Flatiron district and one is in the basement of the Bloomberg building right at fucking 58th street and 3rd Avenue right next to freaking BLOOMINGDALES. It’s so convenient and great, and both stores are busy all the time (especially hte 23rd street store on weekends). Why does San Francisco have such hissy fits over such stupid things???? No American Apparel in the mission, no Home Depot, no Loews, no chain stores, everything has to be some sort of crappy little “mom and pop” thing or “Authentic” or “locally owned” or whatever other lame ass excuse residents can come up with. The city would rather have burned out boarded up pigeon shit covered dirty vacant spaces than anything that might actually be of use to residents of the city. Why is SF so fucked up???




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