SF is Getting a Lowe’s

2 04 2009


San Francisco is getting a new box-store – Yay!  Finally I’ll be able to go to a home improvement store without schlepping all the way over to Daly City’s Home Depot and giving Daly City all my sales-tax-dollars!


Incredibly, this Lowes is being built on the same site that Home Depot tried for nearly a decade to build on, only to be ultimately worn down and defeated by the Taliban-of-San-Francisco a.k.a. The anti-progress-league a.k.a. “neighborhood preservationists” a.k.a. The Coalition for the Homeless a.k.a. City “Stupivisor” Chris Daly.

I’m so glad they are finally building something worthwhile at this site.

And to all those godawful self-righteous hacks out there that complain Lowe’s isn’t green-enough or living-wage enough or sustainable-enough or that it will put locally-owned-mom-and-pops-out-of-business or whatever – look….. its a store which people buy things from and it will be in San Francisco.  And that means tax dollars and jobs.  Last time I checked, we’re in the biggest friggin’ recession since 1929!   So, go crawl under a rock and cry me a fookin’ river because I happen to like Lowe’s you worthless piece of mouseshit from Shane.

Then again, this guy is my hero :

What the fuck is wrong with San Francisco? What can’t anything beneficial for the city ever get done? It’s like the people of SF as well as the Board of Supervisors do everything in their power to make life as difficult and as shitty as possible. Why can’t San Francisco have a Home Depot or Loews built downtown South of Market? Seriously. New York has not one but TWO Home Depot stores IM MANHATTAN. One is on 23rd street in the Flatiron district and one is in the basement of the Bloomberg building right at fucking 58th street and 3rd Avenue right next to freaking BLOOMINGDALES. It’s so convenient and great, and both stores are busy all the time (especially hte 23rd street store on weekends). Why does San Francisco have such hissy fits over such stupid things???? No American Apparel in the mission, no Home Depot, no Loews, no chain stores, everything has to be some sort of crappy little “mom and pop” thing or “Authentic” or “locally owned” or whatever other lame ass excuse residents can come up with. The city would rather have burned out boarded up pigeon shit covered dirty vacant spaces than anything that might actually be of use to residents of the city. Why is SF so fucked up???


20 03 2009


SF Chronicle Article on Graffiti

Why is it ever so bad here in San Francisco?  There’s tons of graffiti here.  99.44% of it is mindless tagging too, like this:


There’s a simple reason why there’s so much graffiti in our beloved city:  because there’s not enough punishment!

San Francisco is the only place where I’ve lived where you, as the property owner, can be fined if you don’t clean up your property quickly after you’ve been hit with graffiti!! Since 2004, property owners are responsible for cleaning up graffiti on their property within 30 days or face a fine that could reach $500!  Talk about adding insult to injury and making the victim pay!

And what about the hooligans that deface others’ property?  They usually get community service or probation.  No Jail.  No pain.  

There are those that say “Graffiti is art!  We must protect it!”  To that I say – it might be art but its still vandalism!  Look, I could be a great artist, but I bet if I etched the Mona Lisa into the windshield of your car you wouldn’t be too happy.  I bet if I tatooed Michaelangelo’s The Last Supper on your forehead, you wouldn’t be too terribly pleased.

Then there are those who say, “Oh, we should build a community graffiti-wall so these artists can express themselves!”  Look pal, go express yourself on your own dime, mmmkay?  

(1)  I as a taxpayer refuse to pay for someone else’s desire to “express themselves”

(2)  Any reasonable person will tell you that a community graffiti-wall will not stop graffiti and mindless tagging.  Its the thrill of illegality stupid!  How else can you explain this:



Art or not, graffiti is vandalism, and its time San Francisco get tough on graffiti.  We need jail time for these hooligans.  And if folks are going to complain about our jails being overcrowded, then fine, I say if you get caught damaging others’ property through graffiti, then your own house/car/bike/clothes/skateboard should get damaged too!  

Graffiti someone’s business?  Yup, that will cost you 80 grit sandpaper all over your car’s windshield and hood.  How do you like that?  


Panda Express – Out?

11 03 2009






Berkeley is trying to get rid of Panda Express.  Check out these arguments against Panda Express – 

Pangilinan and other students also said they were worried Panda Express would offer inauthentic Chinese food and misrepresent UC Berkeley’s Asian American community.

“Panda Express is unhealthy, unsustainable and it’s cultural imperialism to have it on the UC Berkeley campus,” said ASUC Cooperative Movement Senator Christina Oatfield.

Ummmm.. excuse me?  Misrepresent the Asian American Community?  You have to be kidding me.  Last time I checked, no one seriously took Panda Express to be authentically representative of Chinese cuisine, let alone Asian cusine.

And … Panda Express unhealthy?  unsustainable?  You betcha.  Which is why if people want to gorge on orange chicken, they should be able to — and suffer the consequences of  I-ate-too-many-calories-itis.

And … cultural imperialism?  Exactly what does this mean?  Since when did anyone suspect Panda Express of culturally imperialistic intentions?  Its a friggin’ fast-food restaurant folks!

Mein Gott!

This is basically awareness run amok.

Why I’m starting this blog…

11 03 2009

I love this place –  I moved here in 2002 from Chicago – convinced that I wanted to move here after visiting about 20 times between 1985 – 2002.

Well, guess what?   I love San Francisco.  I love the food, I love the weather, I love the people, I love the racial diversity, I love the Sunset, I love the Richmond, I love Noe Valley, I love the Ocean, I love the Golden Gate Bridge, I love Fort Funston, I love…

… a lot of stuff … except that just so much ridiculousness (is that even a word?) that goes on around here!  Geez!  I would have been considered pretty left-leaning in Chicago, but after coming here, jeez, you might as well call me a right-wing commie-hating chest-thumping reactionary!  I’m sure there are plenty of people that share my view on our glorious city-by-the-bay … well … I’m here to get it off my chest!